Having a Son or Daughter with Down Syndrome: Perspectives from Mothers and Fathers

Having a Son or Daughter with Down Syndrome: Perspectives from Mothers and Fathers

John David Battaglia Jr. He was convicted of killing his two young daughters in May in an act of “ultimate revenge” against his estranged wife Mary Jeane Pearle, who had separated from him after his numerous instances of assault and violence. He moved to Dallas because his father lived there, and he took night classes to become a Certified Public Accountant CPA and did modeling. In Battaglia admitted guilt to a misdemeanor charge and was punished with probation for a two-year period. Bradfield Elementary School in Highland Park. In January , Pearle separated from Battaglia after verbal abuse, [24] and he was not permitted to live with her. As a result, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor-level assault charge and was given two years’ probation. Pearle filed for divorce immediately after the incident, [26] and the divorce was finalized in August

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters {by Michael Mitchell}

As counselors, we come in contact with clients who are angry or heartbroken and oftentimes feel defeated. This sense of pain and loss is frequently realized in the forensic setting in which I work with parents who are desperate to rebuild a parent-child relationship that is severely damaged or estranged. I also work with children who assert that they never want to see or speak with one of their parents again. These are not parents who have abused or neglected their children.

They are parents who previously had what would be characterized as a good relationship with their children — until the time of a separation or divorce.

Date, May 2, Location(s), Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas. Weapon, Gun. John David Battaglia Jr. (August 2, – February 1, ) was an American convicted murderer who was executed by the state of Texas for filicide. He was convicted of killing his two young daughters in May in an act of Texas authorities stated that Battaglia killed his daughters out of retaliation.

It was in July when Mike L. He continued to feel that in all the ways that mattered, she was still his daughter, and he faithfully paid her child support. And I pay support for that child. How ridiculous is that? Yet despite his indignation — and despite his court filings seeking to end his obligations as a father — Mike loves his daughter. Every other weekend, the year-old girl, L.

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By Nicholas Baker – Comments. The main issues that you, as a father, will be presented with are: Child Custody, Child Visitation, and Child Support. Gone are the days where mom always wins custody of the kids—courts are now finally beginning to turn the corner and realize that a good parent does not always need to be a woman.

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Identification Requirements. Office Hours Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4 pm. Phone: Fax: To change the name of the father on a birth certificate, or to add the name of the father to it, and if the birth certificate that is already filed with local and state registrars, please follow these steps. Please note that because each situation is different, every application must be reviewed by a specialist to determine whether it is acceptable. If the application is determined to not be acceptable, you will be contacted with additional instructions, which will increase the processing time.

Or, you can personally bring in the form, fees, and documentation to our office Monday through Friday, a. If the change involves adding a father’s information to a birth certificate on which the father’s information was left blank, the supporting documentation needed is either the certified copy of a marriage license or an Acknowledgement of Paternity.

However, if paternity was established by a court order, you must submit a certified copy of that court order.

John Battaglia

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The Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons, with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave. Eligible employees are entitled to take up to 12 workweeks of FMLA leave in a month period for any of the reasons listed below.

An employee’s entitlement to FMLA leave for birth and bonding expires 12 months after the date of birth. Both mothers and fathers have the same right to take FMLA leave for the birth of a child. Birth and bonding leave must be taken as a continuous block of leave unless the employer agrees to allow intermittent leave e. FMLA leave may be taken before the actual placement or adoption of a child if an absence from work is required for the placement for adoption or foster care to proceed.

FMLA leave to bond with a child after placement must be taken as a continuous block of leave unless the employer agrees to allow intermittent leave. An employee who must be absent from work to receive medical treatment for a serious health condition is considered to be unable to perform the essential functions of the position during the absence for treatment.

How do I find my late father’s will when my stepmother is blocking the way?

Question: Both of my children have reached the age of eighteen and are not currently continuing their education. How do I get the state to discontinue taking child support payments out of my paycheck? Question: My daughter’s father has abandoned her for the last 6 years. Can I file for termination of parental rights and how do I do so. Question: Does a parent have to provide child support for an illegal citizen? Will one of the parents have to pay some amount?

The rules of mediation are there for your protection. The most The only exception to these rules is when a crime involving a child that is revealed. The mediator has The Judge is confined to the remedies in the Texas Family Code. A good.

The divorce process is usually very difficult and trying for anyone experiencing it. It is especially difficult if your divorce involves a child custody battle. These difficult times often cause a person to act or react irrationally and in ways that detrimentally affect his or her case. You should be aware prior to court proceedings that the court will evaluate your behavior in its entirety throughout the proceedings and always behave accordingly.

Below are some of the factors judges consider when making a child custody determination along with the 10 most common mistakes made by men during custody battles. Whether you are fighting to be the primary residential parent or for weekend visits with your children, the evaluation process by the court will encompass all of your behavior. If you behave as though the judge were standing next to you each time you interact with the children or their mother, you will certainly avoid the pitfalls that will reduce your custody chances.

New Birth Certificate Based on Parentage

Sep 30, Legal Paternity Testing , Paternity. When a baby is born in the United States, a birth certificate is completed and issued shortly following the birth. A presumption of paternity is generally made if a couple is married. This means that the husband is legally presumed to be the biological parent of the child since he is married to the mother, his name is added to the birth certificate, and he assumes legal responsibility for the child.

The parents report that 95% of their sons or daughters without Down et al., ; Blacher and McIntyre, ]; their mothers and fathers are more In this largest study to date, parents from selected states across the country respond. Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas ( members), and.

My father remarried at 60 after both of his sons were grown and out of the house. His new wife seemed nice and was great to him. She took great care of him through a cancer fight that he lost after five years. I am eternally grateful to her for that and have said as much to her. Months before his passing, she and I got into a huge fight and some nasty things were said.

They lived in Texas and I live in Idaho. I am curious about the estate. They have a nice oil producing property in Texas and the assets my dad worked his whole life to save. I am not trying to take anything from anyone, or get anything that is not intended for me. But how do I know if my stepmom is doing what my dad intended? I ask particularly because she has shown her children significant favoritism in the past.

Your situation is complicated, but the solution is simple. In theory, that is. Enlist help of other family members.

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This article tells what the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles The placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care and to bond to FMLA leave for birth and bonding expires 12 months after the date of birth. Both mothers and fathers have the same right to take FMLA leave for the birth of a child.

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Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents

Without the presumption of fatherhood, a father would face significant barriers in asserting his rights. The presumption of fatherhood supports access, rights, and duties, allowing the father to assert his right to help raise his child as he deems fit. The presumption of fatherhood is determined in the Texas Family Code The assertion in a record filed with the vital statistics unit b.

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This study asks parents who have children with Down syndrome how they feel about their lives so that such information could be shared with expectant couples during prenatal counseling sessions. A valid and reliable survey instrument was mailed to 4, households on the mailing lists of six non-profit Down syndrome organizations. The overwhelming majority of parents surveyed report that they are happy with their decision to have their child with Down syndrome and indicate that their sons and daughters are great sources of love and pride.

When a new or expectant parent first learns about a diagnosis of Down syndrome DS , a flashbulb memory is likely snapped—nearly always accurate, complete, and immune to forgetfulness [ Brown and Kulik, ; Skotko, b ]. Powerful, then, is the information about DS conveyed by medical professionals. These recent calls for change were motivated, in part, by mothers who reported that the information they received about DS was oftentimes inaccurate, inadequate, and, in the worst cases, offensive [ Skotko, a ; Skotko, b ; Skotko, Capone, et al.

What, then, should be said about DS? More specifically, what is the most accurate and up-to-date non-medical information that should be conveyed during the first discussion between a healthcare professional and a new or expectant couple?

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